If Only…

My uncle once told me that a sigh is the equivalent of the wistful sentiment: “If only…” I’ve thought about that a lot lately, because I have a great idea for an Aret-related design, but it will never come to fruition, because I cannot draw. (Truly, my attempts at drawing are nothing short of absurd. Most recently, I tried to draw a leaping stick figure, but after I made its legs the length of arms and put its feet on backwards, it just looked like a jumbled pile of insanity.)

If only I could draw, however, I would create a fabulous 2016 election poster featuring Aret’s protagonist, the Red Matriarch. [She would be a great president, by the way. She has hundreds of years of governing experience, and is (not always, but in general) diplomatic, level-headed, and thoughtful. As a bonus feature, she happens to be a totally badass dragon.]

Here is what I would draw, if only such a thing were possible:

PICTURE THIS:  A tremendous, blood red dragon with giant, curving black horns protruding from her gargantuan head, blasting a ferocious stream of fire onto the word HATE. Printed above her are the words: Red Matriarch 2016; and below: Feel the Burn.

If only…

In lieu of all that, I’ll share a couple of images from Studio BE (an exhibit in New Orleans by the artist Brandan ‘BMike’ Odums), which was perhaps the most stunning and powerful art installation I’ve ever seen.

“She was wild and she was very beautiful and sometimes she was a tree strong and rooted that piece of shelter that never asks for anything in return.” #StudioBE


I was so grateful for this reminder that there is beauty in the world. Sometimes a bilious fog of fury and hatred can obscure that truth. It’s a blessing to have it blown away.

[For more on the artist, visit: http://www.brandanodums.com and http://www.exhibitbe.com]

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