Them’s Fightin’ Words

Elizabeth Warren is one of my personal heroes. I love her passion and conviction, and as someone who swears a shit ton, I truly admire her ability to keep her language clean, even when expressing abject fury and disgust. And she is a fighter. In fact, I think she uses the word “fight” about a dozen times whenever she addresses the public.

Despite my desire to emulate Ms. Warren, however, there are occasions when things seem so bleak, I cannot muster up the energy to consider fighting. It’s hard to prepare for a fight when your spirit feels like this:


I imagine my usual, guiding philosophy is somewhat to blame for these “my-soul-is-naught-but-a-decimated-leaf” moments. The philosophy is well-summarized in Aret, when the character Sien Dolsmati, walking into what is sure to be a contentious meeting, receives this advice from his grandmother: “Keep your best foot forward and expectations low.”

That’s how I tend to operate. I try my best and expect the worst. It’s served me pretty well, in that I’m rarely blindsided by crappy outcomes & am pleasantly surprised by good ones, but the lean towards negativity can be draining. My husband’s outlook, on the other hand, centers around positivity and faith, which certainly has its advantages (e.g., more smiling; less chance of a massive coronary event). Whenever I see this photo, taken on our wedding day, it reminds me of what can be possible when a philosophy like his is blended with one like mine:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReality + hope. Way more inspiring than an obliterated leaf.

As I prepare to move into our nation’s next era, I plan to hold onto that blended philosophy while incorporating a new mantra: Keep your intentions hot and your anger cold. I want my goals fiery enough to keep me motivated and my anger contained enough to be useful, not incinerating and depleting. If I keep to this road, I might be able to at least approach Elizabeth Warren’s level of awesomeness.

Maybe I’ll even get to a point where I don’t cuss so goddamn much.

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