Here We All Are

Well, here it is. We made it to 2017 (aside from those of us who didn’t, but they’re not reading this).

dsc_0006(They’re now exploring the underground.)

In my family, we begin meals by lifting our glasses for a toast. Sometimes there’s something specific to acknowledge or celebrate, and we speak to that. Other times we just say, “Here’s loving you.” But when times are so difficult and/or complicated that we can’t think of anything uplifting to declare, we simply say, “Here we all are,” and leave it at that. We hold true to the ritual and pay homage to our togetherness without pretending that things are other than they are.

“Celebrating” the dawn of 2017 was a mixed bag, as I’m not one to disregard troubling times or lean towards complacency. I was able to set an intention for the year, however, as I do every year. Here is my goal for 2017: to be less like a human and more like a dog.


My doglike self will find joy in small things, even the most routine and mundane. I will shower my loved ones with affection, undying loyalty, and dedication. I will stay in the moment, not ruminate on the past or panic about the future. I will growl, wag, or bark as situations dictate.

That’s it. In my efforts to be a good human, I’ll act like a dog. Dogs have a great deal to teach us about best practices for life. And they’re not even smug about it.

20150927_140444-2They are also majestically adorable. ❤️


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