A Week in the Life of a Writer

Since resigning from full-time employment to focus on writing, I have accumulated little, part-time jobs like an evergreen bagworm accumulates plant debris. (Are you familiar with these creatures? My parents have one in their yard right now. It looks like a walking pinecone and is, in my scientific opinion, completely cuckoopants.)

p1191178Seriously – what the hell?

Last week’s schedule perfectly reflected my weird new “writer’s life.” It looked like this:

Monday: Teach first aid & CPR classes

Tuesday: Complete certification to instruct babysitting classes

Wednesday: Work at bakery

Thursday: WRITE! 😃  Oh, glorious day! Get way less accomplished than I’d hoped.

Friday: Head to stone mason’s worksite. Haul rocks & gravel. Drop boulder on toe. 😳

Saturday: Instruct babysitting class. Miss Women’s March and have sad feelings.

Sunday: Back to worksite. Transport 1500-pound boulder across hilly terrain using pry bars, planks, and PVC pipes.

20170122_114213We rocked it.

So…yeah, current life = somewhat scattered! Whenever I find myself wondering why it’s taking so long to finish the second book of Aret, I’ll just reread this post. 🙂

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