It Is Happening Again

You’ve likely heard by now that Twin Peaks – that whoa-what-the-hell-just-happened-I’m-so-freakin’-confused-but-who-cares-I-still-like-it TV series from waaaaaay back in the 1900s – has gotten a shiny new reboot. Whenever I see updates about it, all I can picture is that spooky giant in the red bowtie standing stock-still on stage, eerily repeating, “It is happening again,” while Agent Cooper and the Log Lady look on in anxious stupefaction (pretty much how most viewers felt throughout the series).

The giant’s words perfectly encapsulate my current state of being, for, as it so happens, it is happening again. Last spring at this time, I was preparing to publish the first book of Aret. And right now, I am preparing to publish the second. A date is scheduled for a pre-publication book group, including most of the same folks who attended the first. The same friend who designed book one’s cover is working on book two’s. And, as with the first book, I am actively dreading the creation of a snappy summary for book two’s Amazon page. Writing what is essentially an advertisement for my own book really sucks. If I wanted to write ads, I would do so and make beaucoup bucks. Considering how much time I spend mending and patching my clothes, that is clearly not happening.

20170428_134509When my patches need patching, it may be time to join the ad game.

Right now I’m at a friend’s house, and on her back patio is a most fitting representation of my “it is happening again” life ~


Like the tiny industrial parts person, I feel as if I hang precariously over a yawning void while doing my best to hold onto something beautiful. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes.

Please wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “It Is Happening Again

  1. Luck! You will always be holding something beautiful with you because you have your heart. Awwww! Cue the waterworks! Seriously. Love you!

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