Gearing Up

Well, it’s happened: a big rainstorm blew in last night, stripping most of the remaining fall foliage from the trees. We’re officially one giant leap closer to winter. Blech.

For me, what winter means is this:

(1) Cold hands and feet

(2) Endlessly runny nose

(3) Fear of the outdoors

(4) Mood in the toilet

Last week, I lamented to a colleague about the swift approach of Depression Season. While she agreed that winter is a bummer, she also listed several things that she appreciates about the season. I didn’t share her feelings about many of the examples she provided (e.g., wearing boots and sweaters – UGH), but her efforts to focus on the bright side inspired me to look back at photos from last winter to see if I could identify any personal points of gratitude.

Here’s what I found:

So I realized I do have something to look forward to in the coming months: a sweet, giant dog in sweet, giant sweaters. At least I know, as I’m gripping mugs of tea for warmth and continually blowing my nose, I’ll be able to gaze across the room at Titus and smile.

5 thoughts on “Gearing Up

  1. For me it’s all about sweaters. If I could wear more than one at once I might! I’m in the north, so the cold creeps in and doesn’t stop creeping until it slipped away in spring. One thing that’s a real source of gratitude for me is sitting on the front porch watching the world go by, but it’s a three-season pork so in winter comes and I need it I really just can’t do it.

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    1. In the coming months, I’ll do my best to channel the appreciation of sweaters. I’m sure it will help if I can convince myself to like them instead of resenting them. 🙂


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